Photo by Casey Page, Billings Gazette

Billings Gazette

Food summit in Billings advocates for embracing pre-colonial Native American roots

For Gladstone, indigenous foods hearken back to before contact with white Europeans. Learning about and reincorporating those foods can be a route back not only to a more healthy diet, but also to food sovereignty.

Photo by Celia Talbot Tobin with High Country News

High Country News

Organic reach: Food sovereignty moves to the web

Colonial contact brought foreign food and disease to tribal nations. Now, a digital generation is reconnecting with tradition.

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Civil Eats

Young Women are Reviving Indigenous Food Traditions Online

A new generation of Native Americans is celebrating its food culture and promoting good health—with the help of social media and YouTube-friendly videos.

Consumer Science class at Kalispell Middle School

Montana Mountain Mamas

Indigenous Eating: Embracing Local, Seasonal, Whole Food

Whether it’s paleo, Adkins, keto, or some other diet, America is obsessed with fad eating. Despite this, diet-health problems plague our population. The statistics are far more staggering in Native populations.